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Welcoming Jesism and Progressing Spirit!


Over the past year it has been exciting to create a new project called Jesism (you can see what that's about here.) And it has also been an honor to be part of the team who have been handed the baton from Bishop Jack Spong to executive produce a project called Progressing Spirit (more on that here).

As those projects have gained steam I have hibernated the Christian Evolution blog for the time being. Our facebook page and community discussion group are still very active, but I am pausing new articles on this particular page for now. For some years the blog was in the top 1% of websites visited, which was evidence of the exciting shift that was happening across Christianity, and many new and exciting things have come from it.

So for now I have closed all of the articles and posts section just because I no longer have time to monitor them, but I left the popular and easy-share memes section for anyone who is interested in checking that out (here).

You can see more about my bio here or in the column to the right of this post. And you can connect on Facebook or sign up for the newsletter for all of the latest happenings. Thanks for stopping by!

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