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Hi I'm Eric, managing board member of and Editor-in-Chief of Formerly I've served as a pastor and Chairman of the Wesley Foundation at the University of South Florida. I'm also the author of the children's emotional health book Teaching Kids Life IS Goodand I have a Master of Theology degree from Saint Leo University.

Because of the growing demands of an expanding blog and facebook page, I have decided to hibernate them both for the foreseeable future. They have both been richly rewarding, and have grown far more expansively than I ever expected. But because of that growth, I had reached a tipping point where to keep up and answer all the comments, questions, and direct messages it was becoming more or less a full time job. Choosing to hibernate them now gives me more time to focus my attention and energies on a few more specific interests, one of them being the one-on-one blocks of talk time.

Over the past 15 years I have set time aside for one-on-one chats, which I have found to be one of the most fruitful aspects of what I have offered here on the site. I particularly enjoy speaking with individuals and spiritual communities who are experiencing spiritual or theological growth after moving beyond previously held paradigms. The one-on-one format offers a truly exponential rate of growth for those who choose to engage in it.

I began offering this unique style of counseling in 2006 when working with teenagers and college students in a pastoral context, and have since expanded to talking with churches, businesses, and adults of all ages. 

Some typical chat clients include:

* Adults or teens who enjoy talking about what they are learning, especially when there is no one else in their circle of friends or family who have an aptitude or interest in such conversations (or sometimes are even hostile to evolving thought).

* Pastors and other spiritual teachers who enjoy talking theology and spirituality, but who have to keep it confined to confidential conversations outside of their own circle of influence.

* Everyday folks who want to learn more about theology or spirituality.

* Folks who like to discuss politics with someone who has been deeply engaged in the issues from a progressive point of view.

* Those who may be hurting and in need of comfort or caring guidance (my counseling started mostly as crisis engagements).

* People who don't agree with progressive views but who want to better understand and discuss the general concepts.

* Those who are struggling with their faith after learning that the Bible wasn't literal, inerrant, or infallible. Or those who have otherwise become disenfranchised with their long held faith paradigm, or are finding new and exciting spiritual ideas that they want to talk through.


Some clients have expressed early on that they felt self conscious about paying to talk to someone, but after one session that quickly went away for them. We all need to talk about what we're feeling, and what we enjoy. I also have talked with a paid professional at times and I understand the range of thoughts and emotions that goes along with that. When I was going through my deconstruction I would have given anything to find someone to talk to who knew what I was dealing with, and who would not judge or condemn me for what I was going through. There's no need to think of me as an authority figure, but instead just a caring and experienced equal to bat your thoughts around with.

New information within evolutionary science, biblical scholarship, emerging spirituality, and the socio-political landscape are what initially caused me to expand in my beliefs. I also felt a deep yearning that there was more to life than what I was experiencing in the traditional religious world. For many, this life-change experience bears great similarities to the death or loss of a loved one. When the major tenants of our belief systems come into question - especially making sense of our relationship to Jesus, God, prayer, or our traditional spiritual communities - it can wreak havoc on the belief paradigms that govern our mind, body, and spirit. Oftentimes, anger or depression results. And at other times a stirring of great excitement and hope yearns to find an outlet.

Sometimes it is not uncommon to go through the Five Stages of Grief when we are breaking out of our old spiritual paradigms. But unlike the death of a loved one, a spiritual crisis often happens alone without anyone close to you knowing or understanding what you are going through. If you are at this point, rest assured that there is a very bright light at the other end of the tunnel. It can be a very positive and empowering experience, and I can help you navigate it with success and compassion. I was once very much there and have happily made it through to a good place.

Over the years I have had multiple people tell me that their life was "saved" by my helping them. Others have expressed how refreshing it was to be able to speak freely about any and all concepts without fear of judgment or condemnation. It was because of that continued feedback that I decided to block out more time to talk with more people. I won't try to tell you what to think, or what you should or shouldn't do or believe. But instead I will help you figure out what is best for yourself at this given time on your path. And then I can help you sort through what might come next for you. I will be a very understanding and relatable sounding board with a depth of experience in this area. Or if you just want to have fun and stimulating conversation I am glad to do that too.

And of course, all conversations are strictly confidential. In fact, you don't even need to share your full name with me if you'd prefer not to.

If you would like to work through your spiritual journey please contact me at 
to set up a time to talk. You can click here to choose a session package.

For a little more about me, I am married with two kids, and I split time between Asheville, NC and Tampa, FL. I have a master of theology degree from Saint Leo University. And I enjoy playing guitar and tennis. I also love the great outdoors and diving deep with people about all sorts of thought provoking topics. For more about my background, see my bio here.

If you are ready to talk, you can go here to choose a package and set up a session. I look forward to connecting with you.

Eric Alexander



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